Rhythm & Poetry (RAP) going back to its origination. BJ Benjamin is a combination of the ancient proliferation of poetry, mainstream rap and a new vibe of his very own.


His music and performances are said to be very captivating, personable and dynamic. One could attempt to say what his overall styles and content were about, but this is one artist who is incapable of being put in any box.


BJ Benjamin has performed across the nation and his music extends into international markets. Apparently, people feel like he has something to say.


Whether he is connecting with an audience in a lounge or electrifying the big stage, BJ Benjamin will have his audience vibing to his presentation while they hang on every word that he says.


“Somebody asked me why we do it… Step up on the stage, grab the microphone, get into our zones and spit.


How can I explain it?


It is like a feeling shut up in my bones that won’t leave me alone until I handle it…”




Spoken Word at The Comfort Zone Concert Series

Interview with RAW Artist 2013

Poetry Performance Feature at The Comfort Zone Houston

Interview with RAW Artist 2012

Poetry Performance at Friday Night Live Houston

Voice Over Performance

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BJ Benjamin O'Neal, Jr.

Houston, TX

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