Dynamic. Creative. Limitless. This is more than a slogan to us. We strive to leave our mark on every work we achieve through the art of photography. Enjoy a photo that delivers energy and a bold statement. Display to the world what makes you individually special and unique, what separates you from the rest. Personally and professionally.


Photography is timeless. While it earmarks a particular stage in our lives and businesses, our very essence is preserved through that of a photo.  


Since its inception, we have created photography in a variety of elements. Here on this website, we have conveyed some of our more primary focuses, but at your request we can do even more!


The ultimate goal is to offer our creativity to capture beauty and deliver a powerful, effective message in our photography. We strive to leave our customers with a positively impressionable experience, cultivating lifelong relationships.

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"Shot By BJ: If you have never been, Then you wouldn't understand." Commemorating our seven years into the photography business, we have launched a campaign to simply honor and celebrate true artistry and the beauty to be found in everyone. We pride ourselves on taking you through an experience where you enjoy both the process and the product of our work and your individual beauty and uniqueness. For years, we've coached and demonstrated key elements of good photo taking and modeling while wrapping it in a positive vibes only atmosphere. The product: you at the peak of all that makes you who you are and beautiful photos to punctuate that statement.


We love creative, lifestyle photography!!! We pride ourselves on capturing photos that demonstrate feelings, emotion and energy, utilizing hues, patterns and textures to bring the photos to life. While all of our photos undergo post-production processes, we value preserving the natural textures and energies within our photos. Our process highlight who you are as opposed to creating complexes by creating artificial representations of you.


"If you can tell a photo has been edited, it was not edited properly." - BJ Benjamin O'Neal


Not sure how to pose? No problem! We are great at coaching you on posing all while maintaining your personal essence in the photo! No one comes out looking like an amateur on our shoots.


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Headshots are powerful tools! Whether it is for audition material, business cards, networking sites or for your business website, the ability to capture the uniqueness of who you are with only the elements of your facial expression is an art. A great headshot is more than smiling at a camera. There is an energy to be conveyed. At I Imagine Beyond, we coach you through taking headshots that make statements and that connect with the people who will be viewing them.


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Congratulations!! Whether it is receiving a high school diploma or a college degree, graduating is an awesome thing. If you are looking for a more traditional look, we are probably not the company you want to hire for your photos. If you are looking for something more creative, I Imagine Beyond would love to assist you in capturing you at a great milestone in your life. We will help you connect with those things on your campus that serve as symbols of your experience and academic victory! We will highlight you in a dynamic way that will make everyone excited about your great achievement and accomplishment.


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Whether it is a corporate function, a baby shower, a birthday celebration or a social event, I Imagine Beyond would love to capture the essence and energy of your event. We understand that events are special. A lot of elements come together to make it what it is intended to be, and we will make sure each element gets some of the spotlight. Also, IIB is able to set up a backdrop and lights to allow your guest to take pictures and have them printed at their own discretion.


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