If you ever want to experience a dynamic performance, be sure to check out any stage or film production that stars Benjamin. Answering the call of his childhood dream, Benjamin stepped out on the stage and won an audience.

Benjamin posesses the ability to tap into a broad range of characters. He can make his audience love him or hate him, whatever is required for the role.

He has performed in independent films such as The Holy Spoof (IYO), Lyfe's Poetic Revenge (FCP) and Gamble with Your Life (BGP). He has also performed in such plays as Doors of the Church (QWP), If I Could Turn Back the Hands (MMP), Love Covers(DMP), Mamma (SSP), Playground of Love (SSP) and A Raisin in the Sun (PGT).


He has received advise, training and direction from people in the industry such as Chey Sanders, Andrea Ray, LaNetia Taylor, Phillipa Booyens, Jaco Booyens, Barry Shapiro, David Vando, April Baker, Mark Jeter, Nise Davies, Lesley Collis, Christian Kaplan, Aaron Marcus, Dr. Ted Baehr, and Abbie Cobb.

Reviews for Fences by August Wilson

- Great show! I saw this while I was visiting Houston...and absolutely feel in love with this small theatre. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The cast was superb and I would highly recommend seeing this show if you can. It is definitely a 'must-see' performance


- Interesting observation. As non-blacks, hubby and I were in the minority as far as race of the audience. My life and family experiences being vastly different from what is portrayed in this play, I found much of it very sad, and sad overall considering the living conditions and general life circumstances. Interestingly, we were taken by surprise that the majority of the audience found humor in many parts - even those that could move me to tears. Pondering this, I have come to consider that one's own background, personal experiences and family heritage, stories passed down, understandings of family history, etc., could quite clearly result in a completely different reaction from a typical black audience member than from a typical non-black audience member; for each of us, our reactions are based on what we know, what we come from. So my rating of this play is purely subjective, meaning that I am rating it as it was for me. The acting was outstanding. The story was well told. Rose moved me to tears several times! I felt very sorry for Troy, who had so much to learn and so many people who loved him and wanted better for him, but his pride was in the way. As more was revealed about Troy I came to see him as a quitter, an excuse-maker who could not see the damage he was creating. I LOVED the uncle - the actor who played Uncle Gabe won my heart. What a fabulous job this actor does! While each of the actors in this play were able to evoke the emotions and thoughts intended, the man who played Uncle Gabe is something special.

Reviews for A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hasberry


The seating was very close to the stage. You felt like you were in the room with the actors. In addition, the acting was superb. You were completly cought up in the drama and emotions of the actors.


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!! The Pearl Theater is a hidden gem! The acting was first class! Great (affordable) date night. We'll be back!


I enjoyed the show. Despite the drama, there were some funny moments.
  The cast was excellent and engaging.

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