I Imagine Beyond is a way of thinking. You could say it is a LIFESTYLE.


What is your perception of success? Can you imagine it beyond that? How would you define your life? Can you imagine it beyond that? What are the obstacles and hurdles you face in life? Can you imagine your life beyond those things?


I Imagine Beyond is the MOTIVATION to go beyond the norm, then to keep going. It is a condition of the heart to take every facet of life and stretch it beyond what one might consider to be its limitiations. Because the reality is there are NO LIMITATIONS.


Life should not be stagnant. Continue to push, pull and pry until you find undiscovered and uncharted areas of your identity, your passions and your talents.


When you are asked what you imagine beyond, your answer should be, "BEYOND EVERYTHING!"

At I Imagine Beyond, our mission is to utilize the elements of art to capture the unique beauties of life and utilize it to offer joy and happiness, to give people reason to have hope and to believe in and celebrate those things they value.

Our vision sets the path and perspective upon which all of our decisions are made and how we conduct business. It is inherently the DNA of I Imagine Beyond:


  • People - To be a place where people are captivated by the creativity, the quality and the passion of our work.
  • Partners - To encourage and enhance our professional relationships to ensure growth and advancements as constants for our company and our partners.
  • Productivity - To be a highly effective and flexible team, ready to adapt to and innovate the marketplace.
  • Customers - To value and honor our customers. To make fruitful deposits into their experiences and memories.

About BJ "Benjamin" O'Neal, Jr. - Founder and CEO

BJ Benjamin is a native of Dallas, TX. Behind his artistic background are diverse areas of expertise and experience such as engineering, business and education. Amongst his top strengths are that of being futuristic, having great communication and being a relator. These skills have allowed him to successfully connect with his clients and audience and set them on a journey for further greatness and appreciation in their own lives.


BJ Benjamin is not just about entertainment, but also about offering impressionable experiences and products that will truly move your spirit. He believes art is a conduit through which joy, motivation, love and hope can transfer into its recipient and malice, doubt and depression can be medicated. These are the life goals upon which he builds every product and service.


BJ finds the thought that "everybody is unique" to be more than a saying but a truth. It is upon this truth that he works diligently to find and capture the essence of each individual: in photography, in music and in acting.



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