Welcome to I Imagine Beyond, LLC, home of creative photography, music, modeling and acting!!! Yes, all located in one site, along with some other trinkets and treats! The artist, BJ Benjamin, puts all of his talents and passions to work.


Under the umbrella of years of experience, ongoing research and studies, a broad imagination and a intenstive perspective on the world, we offer innovative, high-quality services in artistry. We are based in the Houston area but have been fortunate to offer our services across the nation, from Texas, to Florida, to Illinois and a number of other states.


Our photography work encompases a wide variety of categories: fashion, product advertisement, families, events, head shots, weddings, maternity and a host of other types.


Our music is moving, dynamic and purposed. Life is the platform of our material, and through it we cover everything that comes with it. Through our online music channel, we have gained fans literally across the entire globe.


With experience in front of and behind the camera, we sell a lot of personilities and statements through modeling. BJ Benjamin can range from the rugged and raw look to the debonaire, smooth look. He can be playful or militant. He can be the guy you want in front of the camera.


Acting is BJ Benjamin's earliest of artistic love. Having his share of time on stages and in front of cameras, BJ Benjamin has played all sorts of characters. His goal is to make each character believable and to sell the character's purpose in the production. He studies his characters and bring them to life right before your eyes.


Take the time to tour our page, visit our stores and contact us with your artistry needs. We'd love to hear from you. Also, be sure to follow us on all of our social media sites.


Thank you for stopping by!!!


- I Imagine Beyond, LLC

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